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Welcome to the Regina Multisports FAQ page, your go-to resource for all things triathlon.

What do you wear to do a triathlon?​

Some people do the entire race in a bathing suit while others will wear a triathlon suit that transitions between events easily. I suggest that a first timer invests in a pair of triathlon shorts (bicycle shorts with less padding) as these can be used as cycling shorts if you choose not to continue with triathlon.


I cannot swim, and I've always dreamed of completing a triathlon. Is it possible?

Absolutely, we offer swim training from beginner to advanced. We have a few athletes who learned to swim as adults and they have become half and full Ironman finishers.


Do I need to know how to do a flip turn to train with you?

No - many people train and race without a wetsuit. Unfortunately, we have had a few events where the lake water has been cool enough that wetsuits have been mandatory. In these cases, there is usually another option given to those who do not have a wetsuit.


Do I need a special bicycle?

Definitely not. All of our events have athletes racing in mountain or cruiser bikes all the way to triathlon specific bicycles. Although go into the event with a less competitive heart as you will be passed by faster bikes.​​

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