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RMC Junior Team Programs

The Regina Multisport Club Junior Team was created in 2010 to provide youth in ages 7 to 18 the opportunity to participate in organized instruction and training sessions for multisport activities (i.e. swim, cycle, and run). The three disciplines together create a great cross-training opportunity to provide an overall fitness routine while helping to reduce injuries from repetitive strain when focused on one sport. It also introduces variety compared to a focus on a single sport discipline. This is a benefit regardless of the age of the participant - including adults (this means you, parents). 

In general, there are two youth age bands:

  1. Ages 7 - 12 (Introduction and Fundamental): As promoted by Triathlon Canada and developed by the Canadian Long Term Athlete Development model, this age band is provided activities to introduce the youth to physical activity through a fun, engaging, low-competitive environment. The program is not intended to be training-intensive - it's more about exploring the different sport activities and becoming fit. For those interested, it also offers skill improvements to boost personal confidence and achievements when participating in youth events like the Kids Of Steel series of triathlons.

  2. Ages 11 - 18 (Recreational and Competitive): This age band offers two streams within the Junior Team; recreational and competitive. The recreational stream is a continuation of the age 7 - 12 program; to provide an opportunity for physical fitness and personal skill improvement. The competitive stream is for youth that have goals of achieving leading results at local, provincial, and national multisport events. Both streams are in alignment with the Canadian Long Term Athlete Development model


All program participants would become Saskatchewan Triathlon Association Corporation (STAC) members - which provides insurance for these activities in addition to allowing the participants to take part in local and provincial multisport events (like Kids of Steel, Youth, or Junior Elite triathlons).

Qualified instructors and coaches have had training from Triathlon Canada and other sports to enable them to teach proper swim, cycle and run techniques.

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