We Love Winter Too!



Every Saturday afternoon, Fresh Air Experience will send an employee out to White Butte to host weekly snowshoeing events for the RMC. It will start once we have enough snow. So, round up your friends and family and head over to White Butte for some fun in the fluffy white stuff! Things to bring: snowshoes, poles (if you use them), appropriate clothing for the conditions.

  • Location: White Butte, main trail head

  • Dates:  Once there is enough snow - until it melts.  STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS!!!

  • Time: TBD

  • Cost:  FREE


*No memberships/insurance required.

There are 5km of snowshoe specific trails at White Butte. Not to mention everywhere there ISN'T a ski trail to explore. 

Remember no walking or snowshoeing on groomed ski trails. Trail etiquette is important.

Cross Country Skiing

Learn to Ski - 2018

FREE for RMC members! 

Your RMC membership at work.  Fresh Air Experience has agreed to host four 1.5 hour learn to ski clinics specifically for RMC members.  The ski lessons will be held at the Science Center.  Don't worry if you don't have ski equipment, it will be provided for you.  If you do have your own ski equipment you can certainly use it.  No previous skiing experience is needed.

Space is limited at 10 spots per class, so register quickly to ensure you get in! 

There are four dates available to choose from but please only register for ONE of the four dates.

If you already know how to skate ski but would like to come bask in the wonderful company of your fellow RMC'ers, you are more than welcome to join in and ski along with us.  However, the attention of the instructor will be focused on the lucky 10 who registered for the class.

Oh did we mention this is....FREE?  RMC will cover members lesson and rental fees for you.  This money will then be donated by FAE directly to the Regina Ski Club to help maintain the ski trails.


  • Cost - FREE for RMC members

  • Dates:

    • Friday, Jan 19th -Classic Skiing - CANCELLED

    • Friday, Feb 9th - Skate Skiing

    • Friday, Feb 16th - Skate Skiing - CANCELLED

    • Friday, Mar 2nd - Skate Skiing

  • Time - 6pm (be at least 15 minutes early if you need equipment)

  • Where - Science Center - Wascana Park

  • Duration - 1.5 hours

  • Bring a Headlamp


Cancellation Policy -  If the temperature is below -20C snow conditions for skate skiing are not favorable and the lesson could be rescheduled.  The ski instructor will contact you.

A STAC and RMC membership is required, so make sure you renew it if need be.  

Learn to Biathlon

The Regina Multisport Club has joined forces with Fresh Air Experience and the Qu'Appelle Valley Nordic Club to host an event where you can try out the sport of Biathlon with no previous experience. The event is also open to anyone.  You do not need to be affiliated with any clubs or organizations to sign up.

Fresh Air Experience and the folks from the Qu'Appelle Valley Nordic Club will be providing ski lessons and thorough instruction on rifle safety and use. Yes, you will be able to use their rifle range. Yes, you will be skiing around a biathlon course, but no, you will not be slinging the rifle onto your back and skiing like a Canadian Olympic Biathlete. Rifles will be provided by the Qu'Appelle Valley Nordic Ski Club and are air rifles.

No skis? No problem!  During registration you will be asked if you require rentals.  Fresh Air Experience will bring the skis, boots and poles for you



  • Date - March 18, 2018

  • Time - 12:30-2:30

  • Location - Qu'Appelle Valley Nordic Club - Lumsden, Sk - MAP

  • Cost - $45 with rentals    $25 without rentals


Cancellation policy - If the temperature or snow conditions are not favourable the event will be rescheduled to TBD.  You will be notified via email prior to the event if rescheduling is required.



No refunds, no exchanges, no exceptions.


Love your Fat Bike?  You should, and you will love this.

Fat Bikes can co-exist on some of the in-city Ski trails at Les Sherman Park and AE Wilson Park. Also, Fat Bikes are encouraged to use the hiking and snowshoe trails at the White Butte Recreation area outside of Regina.  However, Fat Bikes are not allowed to use the XC ski designated trails at White Butte.

Winter Fat Bike Riding Etiquette

1. Yield to all other trail users when riding and ride in control; you’ve got brakes, but others don’t. Also yield to motorized vehicles.

2. Ride on xc ski trails with 10psi or less of air in your tires to prevent damaging the trails.

2. Wait until the trail firms up; only ride when you are not leaving a groove deeper than one inch (IMBA standards). If there is a firmer part of the trail, ride there. Try to ride to the outer most part of the trail, not down the middle.

3. Do not ride on or, over, or in the classic set ski tracks.

4. Leave room for other users and motorized vehicles to pass (don’t ride side-by-side blocking the full trail).

5. Be polite and follow all of the other rules of the trail area, including, but not limited to:
a. Obey all trail access and vehicle signs;
b. Be respectful and be cautious of wildlife;
c. Ride in the same directions as the skiers.  Never go the wrong way on a trail.
d. When overtaking another trail user always warn the trail user of your presence by using a bell or shouting which side you are approaching from.  "On your left" or "On your right" is an effective and well known term.

6. Minimum tire width of 3.7" required to ride on XC ski trails.

This is a new sport that a lot of people don’t understand yet; we have to be stewards of the trail so as not to have our privileges removed.