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The RMC swim programs are aimed at helping our members develop a strong, efficient, stroke and add further fitness and power to the equation. The result is fitness, strength and speed.  Ample opportunity will be given for those more experienced swimmers to maximize their volume while new swimmers will only swim as much as they are comfortable with.  All participants will benefit from ongoing feedback from the coach.  

Triathlon Improvement Swimming

Coach: Max Moore - TBA

These sessions are intended to help first time or newer triathletes gain confidence so they can participate in Try-a-Tri, Super Sprint, Sprint or Standard distance triathlons.  Participants should be comfortable in water and know how to swim.  Participants in this class will improve their technique, speed, and endurance.

  • TBA

*No refunds, no exchanges, no exceptions. 

**A 2017 RMC and 2017 STAC membership are required to participate.

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