The RMC will continue to host strength training workouts with Brendan Mackenzie at Level 10 Fitness to help you get stronger, move better and decrease your risk of injury.


RMC Fall 2020 Strength Training

Coach: Brendan Mackenzie          

Class overview:

Many triathletes lack two of the most fundamental pieces to endurance sport which is overall strength and mobility. If you are like most triathletes strength and mobility are often neglected in your program as you don't always know what to do and how to fit it in.


This class is focused on improving how you move, your strength and making you an all around better athlete. It also improves form and posture during running which boosts performance and decreases the risk of any overuse injury.


If you are interested in improving in any of these areas this season then register now. All levels welcome.



This session will start on October 7 and will offer two registration options:

(1) in-person classes at Level 10, with the option to attend on-line on days when they are unable to make it to the gym; and

(2) online only classes delivered over Zoom.


Recordings will be available for a limited time to all participants after each session.

Option 1: In-person at Level 10

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, in-person classes are limited to 9 registrants and participants will be required to:

  • Comply with current health regulations

  • Complete attestation forms before each class and

  • Follow Level 10 protocols. The link to these protocols is available here


Option 2 - Online only participation

Online sessions will be delivered through the Zoom platform and the coach will provide a link to the Zoom meetings before each class. Maximum 6 participants.

  • Equipment:

    • Broomsticks, chairs, backpacks, hand towels and other things easy to find around the house

    •  A set of Mini bands - Sold at Level 10 to participants for $10 (Regular Price $15).

    • 1 Dumbell, a small set of dumbells or Kettlebells

  • Dates:

    • Wednesdays - Oct 7, 14, 21, 28 2020

  • Time:

    • 6:00​ am - 7:00 am

  • Location:   Level 10 Fitness (for in-person sessions) 2124 Grant Road Regina, SK      

  • Cost:

    • $60 - In-person with option to attend on-line (4 classes)

    • $40 - On-line only (4 classes)

*No refunds, no exchanges, no exceptions. 

**2020 RMC and TriSask memberships are required to participate.

*** Minimum age requirement is 18 to participate.

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