Strength Training 

The RMC will continue to host strength training workouts with Brendan Mackenzie at Level 10 Fitness to help you get stronger, move better and decrease your risk of injury.

RMC  Strength Training

Class overview:

These classes are focused on helping triathletes with two of the most fundamental needs for success in endurance sport: overall strength and mobility. The classes are designed to help you improve how you move, your strength, and making you an all-around better athlete. It also improves form and posture during running which boosts performance and decreases the risk of any overuse injury.

Triathletes often lack two of the most fundamental pieces to endurance sport: overall strength and mobility. These elements are often neglected when triathletes don’t know how or when to fit them into their schedules.  If you are interested in improving in any of these areas this season then register now. All levels welcome.

No Classes available at this time.



Class details and requirements:

This session will be held, in person, at the Level 10 Compound. Class size is limited to 12 participants (plus Brendan) to  comply with current public health requirements. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions participants will be required to understand and comply with current Sask Health Authority (SHA) COVID-19 regulations and follow all Level 10 protocols.  Level 10 protocols are listed, below, but please check for updated protocols here:


As of October 1st, Level 10 will need all training clients to show us in person or submit via email the following:


  • Your Photo ID or 

  • Health card

  • Immunization record from your e-health account or

  • Vaccine cards provided at the time of vaccination or

  • QR Code from Sask Health from your e-health account


Negative covid tests will also be accepted under the following guidelines:
Negative Covid-19 test (within 72hrs), PCR or Rapid Antigen test. Both tests must be administered by an authorized tester (link below) and cannot be self-administered. This also applies to those who are medically exempt from Covid-19 vaccination. Masks are mandatory at all times. 


Show or submit the proof of vaccination to our customer service team as soon as possible. Proof can be provided electronically or in hard copy format, shown in-person to our customer service team or via email to Your  proof of vaccination document needs to show your first and last name and proof of FULL vaccination. Your second shot needs to be taken 2 weeks prior to your visit. 

Please note that we will not be storing your documents. We only need to see the proof to verify you in our system.

Only those who are fully vaccinated, will be allowed to remove your mask during your workout session. Masks are mandatory at all other times in our facilities in common areas. 


Before your visit, please read through thoroughly as we will continue with the following: 


  • If you are feeling unwell and experiencing cough, fever, or sore throat we ask that you please stay home.

  • Please arrive no more than 3-5 minutes before your appointment or session time. 

  • Upon arriving we encourage you to use hand sanitizer provided and ask that you please maintain a physical distance of 2 metres from others where possible.

  • Please WEAR A MASK at all times while in our facilities. Only those who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to remove their mask during their workout session. Masks are mandatory at all other times in our facilities in common areas. 

  • Clients are encouraged to arrive in their workout gear, bring their own sweat towel and a full water bottle. 

  • Each client will have their own physical distancing area marked off to workout in as well as their own equipment to use. Equipment will NOT be shared. 

  • Upon completion of your appointment or session we ask that you not to congregate in the common space as another group of clients will be entering the building for their appointments or sessions. 


In order to keep clients and staff safe, the following procedures will stay in place: 

  • Continue to clean frequently touched surfaces. 

  • Electronic payments will continue to be encouraged but we will be accepting cash. 

  • All receipts will continue to be emailed to you (unless printed is requested). 

  • Bathrooms, changerooms, and showers are open and continue to be frequently checked and sanitized. 

  • Sweat towel service is discontinued until further notice. 

  • Water fountains are closed but water filling stations are available to refill your water bottle. 

  • Small Group sessions will be max 9 participants. 

  • Due to spacing limitations large Fitness Classes will remain ONLINE.

  • Sport Academy and Team Training capacity will depend on available space in the facility as athletes will continue to be spaced 3 meters apart. 


Our Performance Coaches will continue to: 

  • Wear a mask at all times while instructing groups. 

  • Maintain a physical distance of 2 metres from clients and staff. 

  • Thoroughly disinfecting and cleaning all equipment and all touched surfaces after each client and group.

  • Spacing out all clients 3 meters apart and keeping small groups at 9 people or less



**2022 RMC and TriSask memberships are required to participate.

*** Minimum age requirement is 18 to participate.