The RMC will continue to host strength training workouts with Brendan Mackenzie at Level 10 Fitness to help you get stronger, move better and decrease your risk of injury.

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RMC  Strength Training

Class overview:

Triathletes often lack two of the most fundamental pieces to endurance sport: overall strength and mobility. These elements are often neglected when triathletes don’t know how or when to fit them into their schedules. This class is focused on improving how you move, your strength, and making you an all-around better athlete. It also improves form and posture during running which boosts performance and decreases the risk of any overuse injury. If you are interested in improving in any of these areas this season then register now. All levels welcome.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, participants will be required to:

· Understand and comply with current Sask Health (SHA) and City of Regina (Lawson pool) COVID-19 regulations;

· follow Level 10 protocols. The link to the full list of these protocols is available here:

Protocols include, but are not limited to:

- requirement to complete Level 10 health attestation forms before each class.

- Please don't enter the building more than 3-5 minutes before your appointment time.

- Please wear a mask upon entering the building, while in transit to your workout area/treatment room, and/or while waiting to start their training session. Please keep your mask on until you are instructed to remove it by your trainer.

- Upon arriving, please maintain a physical distance of 2 metres from other people.

- Once in the building, we ask that you immediately use hand sanitizer provided.

- Your performance coach will meet you at the front and guide you to your training spot.

- Each client will have their own physical distancing area marked off to workout in as well as their own equipment to use. Equipment will not be shared.

- Clients are encouraged to arrive in their workout clothes, bring their own sweat towel and a filled water bottle.

- Clients are asked not to congregate and to leave the facility when their training session is finished.

In order to keep our clients and staff safe, some of the measures we will be taking are:

- Frequently cleaning any high touch surfaces.

- Bathrooms are open but there are no shower facilities available.

- Water fountains will be closed but water filling stations will be available to  re-fill your water bottle.

Our performance coaches will be:

- Screening themselves for COVID-19 symptoms using self-assessment screening tool.

- Verbally screening their clients for COVID-19 symptoms.

- Wear a mask during training sessions

- Maintaining a physical distance of 2 metres from other clients and staff. Coaches will not be stepping into client’s workout space and won't be touching their equipment.

- Booking 15 min breaks to allow for time to disinfect equipment and for safe entry and exit of the building.

- Thoroughly disinfecting and cleaning all equipment and all touched surfaces after each client and group.


*No refunds, no exchanges, no exceptions. 

**2020 RMC and TriSask memberships are required to participate.

*** Minimum age requirement is 18 to participate.