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Level 10 Fitness Splash and Sprint
Registration Open

March 26, 2023                                      

Level 10 Fitness Splash & Sprint will be the Regina Multisport Club’s 2023 Race Season kick-off event. This aquathlon race will take place at the Regina Sportplex on March 26, 2023.  This indoor event will feature a swim before heading to the fieldhouse for a run around the track.


Adult Racers (13 years and older)

Sprint:  750 Swim 3 km run 

Super Sprint:  400 Swim 1500 run 

2 person Relay event: One person Swim, One person Run for either the Sprint or Super Sprint Events. 

Kids of Steel Event (3years and older)

Ages         SWIM           Run 

3-5     18.5 m (1 length)   400m

6-7     37 m (2 lengths)   800m

8-9     74 m (4 lengths)   800m

10-11   111 m      1000m

12-13  200m     1000m

14-15  400m     1500m

16-19  400m  1500m

You can choose the distance to participate in: a Sprint , Super Sprint Aquathlon or 2 person Relay Sprint/Super Sprint. 

Race Details:

  • Date: March 26, 2023

  • Location: Regina Sportplex

  • Cost:

    • $25 for KOS

    • ​$35 for Sprint/Super Sprint

    • $50 for Sprint/Super Sprint Relay

  • Maximum number of participants: 100

  • Race Director: Brendan Mackenzie



*Additional Details: You must have a valid Saskatchewan Triathlon membership and Multisport Membership. TriSask has Single-Day Race Memberships, if you do not have a TriSask Membership a fee will be added to the registration for this single-day license.
**Entry fee is non-refundable, non-transferable, no exceptions

Level 10 - Oval - Blue.jpg
Level 10 - Oval - Blue.jpg
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