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Bike Maintenance Class, February 24th @ 6pm

Hosted by Western Cycle, James Lorenzen & Der Bert

Register in Advance for this meeting:

After Registering you will receive a confirmation email to join Zoom Meeting!

For those of you joining if you want to play along Bert says to have

1) a wheel

2) a pump

3) tire levers

4) an extra tube

5) gloves (not needed but they’ll keep your hands clean)

Come learn how to show your bike some love. Open to all RMC members and sponsored by our lovely friends at Western Cycle. Join myself and Der Bert on February 24th at 6 p.m. to learn some basic maintenance. Bert will be going over a pre ride safety check, how to change a flat tire and a basic bike wash. A clean bike is a fast bike after all. Best part is you could win a bike maintenance package and a bike maintenance prize package.

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