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Creating a safe training and competitive environment for all members is our number one priority and a responsibility we share with all sport participants.  If you have been a victim of or witness to harassment or discrimination, please reach out to the independent third party case manager designated to receive your complaint and consider contacting the Canadian Sport Helpline.

Independent Third Party: Integrity Group
Case Manager: Heather MacKenzie
Phone: (604) 689-4244

Canadian Sport Helpline: The Canadian Sport Helpline is an anonymous, confidential and independent service that offers help to victims or witnesses of harassment, abuse or discrimination. The service allows callers to share and validate their concerns, obtain advice on required next steps, and be referred to other appropriate resources for follow up.

Phone/Text: 1-888-83-SPORT (77678)

The information below details the mechanisms in place for reporting and escalating a case or concern. To contact Triathlon Saskatchewan directly please email or call (306) 519-1822.

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