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RMC Run Crew 

To Be Announced:

The RMC Run Crew is a fun running group open to all levels of multi-sport athletes.  Our goal is to encourage and motivate each other to get out running and provide a little safety in numbers. You can take the runs as easy or as hard as you like and it's more about having people to meet up with - no obligation to keep up or slow down. Distances may range from 5-11km and will generally be around the Wascana Lake area - YES WE RUN OUTDOORS.  


Run schedule will be sent out weekly and will usually include a morning run beginning at 6 AM. Run Crew updates are via email and/or the RMC Facebook page.​​

New this year is the requirement to follow rules designed to help keep you safe in a COVID-19 world.

  • We’re limited to a certain number of people per run which as of June 22 is 30 people.  

  • Runners must have both RMC and TriSask membership, and register below. Running is free for everyone as long as membership is current.

  • RMC uses TeamLinkt to manage communications and attestation forms. Once registered for Run Crew, you will be sent an invitation to TeamLinkt. Registered runners must accept the COVID-19 attestation form on TeamLinkt prior to the morning run.

*Cancelled runs will be posted on the RMC Facebook page and via email to RMC Run Crew subscribers.


**A 2023 RMC and TriSask membership are required to participate.

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