Outdoor Cycling

Outdoor Cycling

Begins July 2nd!!!

Thursday Night Rides

Leaders: Tara Fuchs and Lou Schwindt


Thursday Night Rides is our relaxed atmosphere cycle around Regina and area. Led again this year by Western Cycle’s Lou and Tara, you’ll ride with experienced leaders and other cyclists of varying abilities, all with the goal of getting fit, race training, or just recreational riding in a safe and supportive environment. Go at your own speed and know that someone is there should you get a flat or a mechanical problem. Rides begin around 6 pm, and the duration depends on the time of year and available sunlight. Sign up for our newsletter and Tara and Lou will provide the details on a weekly basis.


New this year is the requirement to follow rules designed to help keep you safe in a COVID-19 world. 

  • We’re limited to a certain number of people per ride which as of June 22 is 30 people. 

  • Cyclists must have both RMC and TriSask membership, and register below. Riding is free all summer.

  • Registered cyclists must complete this form and return it to president@reginamultisport.com prior to 2 pm the day of the ride. 

    • No questionnaire and attestation received means no ride.

  • Physical distancing per Saskatchewan Public Health is a requirement to participate. This includes both meeting pre- and post-ride, and during the ride. We’ll keep a bicycle length between cyclists during the meet up and post-ride, and we’ll follow the ITU rule for Standard race spacing which is 10m between bikes. If passing is necessary it should be done with 3m width distance between bikes.

  • Should a situation arise such as a crash, an injury, or a flat, you’re on your own unless the situation is such that intervention is required. Intervention could be in the form of first-aid, a 911 call, or assistance with a maintenance problem. The health and safety of all is still front and centre, and physical distancing is still required where it makes sense and can be maintained. 

  • Should Regina’s COVID-19 health situation change, we’ll update you on those changes.

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