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Masters Athletes' Funding Initiative

The RMC will continue to offer its age group funding initiative for Masters Athletes looking to represent our club at international events. More information can be found below:


In 2019, the Regina Multisport Club (RMC) will make $7,000 of sponsorship available to qualified athletes representing the Regina Multisport Club while competing at international championship events. This funding will be divided equally among eligible athletes, to a maximum of $1,000 per athlete.


To qualify you must:

1. Hold a current annual membership of RMC and STAC.

2. Register and participate in one of the following events through earned entry:

* as a member of Team Canada (by winning a qualifying spot or roll down) to attend the 2019 Pontevedra ITU Multisport World Championship Festival or 2019 Lausanne ITU Triathlon Grand Final.

* 2019 Ironman Kona or 2019 Ironman 70.3 Nice World Championships (by earning a slot or rolldown)

* 2019 Challenge Family Championship Samorin (by earning a slot or rolldown)

3. Participate in 7 RMC events between September 2018 and August 2019. Mandatory events include:

* Volunteer at a minimum of one RMC event - this requirement can also be fulfilled by adult family members and friends, up to 2 volunteer credits per race

Possible other events include:

* Participate in officials training or officiate STAC events

* Register and participate in RMC training sessions and races

* Attend RMC or STAC Annual General Meeting


* The intent of the Funding Initiative is to reward the excellent performance of community-minded RMC members through support to attend highly competitive special triathlon events. Triathlon event can also mean aquathlon, duathlon or off road event.

* This funding is intended for athletes who have met competitive standards to attend the listed events. It is not intended to fund athletes who are able to register for the listed events through later date general admissions or other means. Team Canada registrations must be Stage 1 or Stage 2 registration.

* Eligibility is determined by the requirements above, not financial need.

* This funding is available to all RMC members who meet the qualifications, including board members, race directors and coaches.

* Eligible athletes will not be funded for multiple events.

* Ongoing availability, criteria, and amount of the Competition Funding Pool will be reviewed by the RMC Board of Directors annually.

* The RMC Board of Directors reserves the right to reject any application if deemed by the Review Committee to be in conflict with the intent of the Outline (i.e.: unsportsmanlike conduct, place of residence)


To apply, athletes must e-mail a single package of confirmation emails along with a description of the attachment as soon as they have met the requirements. Deadline for application is midnight August 31, 2019. Successful applicants will receive confirmation of approval and funding amount shortly after the deadline. Please e-mail the following information to the Review Committee at Questions about eligibility may also be sent to this e-mail address.



* Proof of 2019 RMC membership and annual 2019 STAC membership

* Proof of qualification and registration at eligible event

* Mailing address to send cheque

* Proof of attendance at 7 RMC events, at least one must be a volunteer activity



* Registration confirmations for 2018-19 RMC training events (Fall 2018 and Winter 2019)

* Registration confirmations for 2019 RMC races (December 2018 through August 2019)

* Volunteer confirmation emails (September 2018 through August 2019)

o Following event (race, special event, etc.) request a confirmation e-mail from the RMC Volunteer Director or Race Director to confirm attendance and number of volunteers

o Applicants will be credited for supplying up to two adult volunteers per event

* Attendance for RMC and/or STAC Annual General Meetings (November 2018, March 2019)

o Highlight your name on the minutes from the RMC or STAC AGM minutes

* Confirmation emails confirming attendance at STAC officials training or from officiating events


Example of 7 Event Requirements:

1. Indoor cycling registration confirmation

2. Strength training registration confirmation

3. RMC AGM minutes highlighting attendance

4. Race registration confirmation – Women’s Only Race

5. Volunteer confirmation - husband volunteered at Women’s Only Race

6. Volunteer confirmation - I volunteered at Echo Lake Race

7. Volunteer confirmation - my sister also volunteered at Echo Lake Race


Scott Hysuick

Scott received funding to attend the 2017 ITU Triathlon  World Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Kerri Hysuick

Kerri received funding to attend the 2017 ITU Triathlon  World Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Tara Fuchs

Tara received funding to attend the 2017 ITU Triathlon  World Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Jackie Hatherly

Jackie received funding to attend the 2017 Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Maja Kralacova

Maja received funding to attend the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in 2017 (Chattanooga, Tennessee) and in 2018 (Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa). 

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