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Testimonial 1

"An energetic, supportive group of kids at various stages of training and with diverse goals from getting fit to competitive racing. RMC coaches foster confidence and tenacity while building the kids' speed and technique. My son loves it!"

Testimonial 2

"Our daughter has joined the Regina Multisport Club Youth Group four years ago. She enjoys training and competing in triathlon while learning new things and spending time with her friends.  Because of her training, she has now enjoyed success at the national level for triathlon but also with individual sports of swimming and running too. We love that she has chose this sport because it provides a lot of variety and is basically training 3 sports in one. Further, her coach always keep it challenging, fun and exciting. We believe she will enjoy this sport well into her adult years."

Testimonial 3

"A group of kids WANTING to run in the dark and cold at 645 in the morning is a testament to Brendan and the youth program!"

Testimonial 4

"Both my son and daughter participate in the Regina Multisport Program.  My son competes at the Elite Junior level and loves the sport, the leadership from his coach inspires him to train hard and be competitive nationally at the Junior Elite level.   


My daughter also trains and loves the sport, has lots of fun and is super fit. The RMC program and coach allow for all levels and as she gets older she is stronger and more fit!"

Testimonial 5

"Molly started down the Triathlon path in 2012 when she joined the Regina Multisport Club youth Group, competing in her first Triathlon  in the spring of 2013.

Molly has had tremendous success in Triathlon over the past 5 years including winning the 13U female national championship in Ottawa in June. The sport of Triathlon has been a great learning experience and a lot of fun for Molly.  This is largely due to the excellent coaching and mentorship from Brendan Mackenzie and the support from the RMC family."

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