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Kids of Steel Icebreaker – FAQs


Over the course of the years this event has run, we have received many questions. The most common questions are provided below with the answers. If there's something more you're curious or concerned about, please email the race director at


Q1. How much am I allowed to help my child during the race?

A1: For sake of reducing the havoc, we have the pool deck cleared of everyone but volunteers. Same with the transition area – which is fenced and only allows working volunteers and athletes after it closes (parents can come into the transition with their child to help them set up prior to it closing before race start). There’s a full contingent of eager volunteers to assist the youth switching from swim to bike, and then bike to run (e.g., lifting a heavy bike off of/onto the bike racks).


We plan to have over sixty volunteers involved in an event like this with the majority placed on the course to make sure the kids are given support and guidance, and to look out for their safety. Having a family member volunteer is the best way to make sure you chip into the community help for all the racers - including your own.


Q2. My child is a poor swimmer. Are they allowed to use a flutterboard?

A2: Yes. They can also wear a swim vest or water wings. The University pool depth ranges from 4’ to 4’6” deep.


Q3. Do they need special bikes or gear for this event?

A3: No. All bikes are accepted as long as they are in safe shape. Two key requirements are that pedals must not have toe clip straps on them and BMX pegs must be removed from bicycles.


We offer a bike and helmet check prior to the course walkthrough on the Saturday before the event (details will be emailed to registered participants). We recommend everyone make the time to at least do the bike check prior to the even to help make the check-in process into transition quick and painless.


Other than bikes, they should have a swim suit, swim goggles (optional), towel, water bottle, cycle/running shoes, socks (optional), shorts and shirt (to pull over swim suit), bike, and bike helmet. We will provide a swim cap and there will be a refueling snack available after the race.


Q4. I am concerned that my child cannot do the distances you specify for his/her age (as of December 31st of the event year). Can they do less.

A4: Yes! But, because we award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals to age categories 12 and older, if they are in that age range and race down an age category they will be ineligible for receiving one of those medals.


Q6. The weather doesn't look good. Will you cancel?

A6: Safety for the kids is our top priority. If the weather will expose the kids to unsafe cycle or running conditions - either because of slipping or hypothermia - we will adjust the day of the race. We have not had to cancel our race in the past because of weather, but we have modified it. If there's lightning during the event, our 30/30 lightning protocol would kick in and the event may be suspended for a bit or (more likely) cancelled because we have limited time windows on pool, gym, and road closure bookings.

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