The RMC swim programs are aimed at helping our members develop a strong, efficient, stroke and add further fitness and power to the equation. The result is fitness, strength and speed.  Ample opportunity will be given for those more experienced swimmers to maximize their volume while new swimmers will only swim as much as they are comfortable with.  All participants will benefit from ongoing feedback from the coach.  

Triathlon Swim 

Coming Soon

Due to capacity restrictions resulting from COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines, RMC is able to accommodate a smaller number of swimmers than in past years as the number of swimmers per lane and other physical distancing restrictions has significantly limited capacity. 

Please note that RMC will be following current COVID-19 restrictions as outlined by various entities including the City of Regina, Sask Health Authority, and Swim Sask. All participants will be required to complete a waiver before every class and must adhere to current restrictions, including physical distancing both in and out of the pool.


*No refunds, no exchanges, no exceptions. 

**2021 RMC and TriSask memberships are required to participate.

*** Minimum age requirement is 18 to participate.