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Endurance Journey Coaching 6 week Race Preparation Clinic

Cost $149.00

Are you one of those types that wants to leave no stones unturned? Learn the necessary skills you need to be successful and most importantly have fun in your next triathlon!

We are now accepting registrations for the 6 Week Endurance Journey Triathlon Program and Clinic to help you prepare for the Rise and Tri Event on August 13th, 2017.

Now why would you want to invest your time and money in a program and clinic?

Now I have seen and personally made many mistakes in my coaching and racing career so I wanted to share with you the 3 common mistakes you want to avoid.

1. Being fit does not mean race ready. I have seen many people sign up for races who maybe fit in one of the events in triathlon (swim, bike, or run) thinking that their perceived fitness in one sport will carry over to the others. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In order to be ready on race day you need to train for the demands of the day. That means being able to swim in a crowd, handle your bike and ride it efficiently, then be able to run off the bike on tired legs. Not to mention transition smoothly from the swim to the bike and the bike to run. Only training for the specific demands of the sport will do this. Hint... One effects the other.

2. Having the right gear. No this does not be have the fanciest most expensive gear, rather knowing what type of gear you need and knowing how to make sure it works properly so you can enjoy your race.

3. Not knowing the course or rules of the event. I have a simple saying "You have to know what to do, where to go, and know the flow." I have seen many athletes show up to races not knowing where their gear goes, direction of the race course, what the rules are, or how to even transition from one sport to the next. By knowing what to expect you avoid this common stress before and during a race.

Avoid these mistakes and you will set yourself up for a stress free and of course great race day experience!

Too help you avoid these mistakes I have created a 6-week training program and 4 week clinic that will help you show up RACE READY...

This program includes:

  • 6 Week training schedule outlining exactly the swim, bike, and run required to help you be prepared on race day

  • 4 weeks of 2 coached sessions per week - 1 bike/run, 1 swim session (beginning week of July 10th)

  • Learn what gear is needed

  • Gives you the lay of the land with the course and the rules

  • Opportunity to practice and develop strong swim, bike, run and transition skills

  • Learn about healthy nutrition behaviours to help your performance and recovery

  • Develop the confidence to perform at your best on race day

The cost of this program is $149.00

Thank You and looking forward to seeing you all on the start line!


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