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The Regina Multisport Club (RMC) is a non-profit organization led by volunteers that welcomes all new, novice and experienced triathletes to join us. Joining the RMC is a great way to meet other triathletes, train with like-minded people, challenge yourself personally and celebrate your accomplishments in a supportive and social environment.

Top Reasons to Join RMC

  1. We have loads of fun!

  2. Training with friends is motivating.

  3. We offer year round training exclusive to RMC members.

  4. Group training sessions, clinics and seminars, where you can learn from experts and professionals involved in the sport.

  5. Discounts at Sportco, Western Cycle and Track and Trail.

  6. FREE Thursday Night Group Rides, Run Crew and more!

  7. It's only $15 for a whole year!

Triathlon Saskatchewan is the designated provincial sport organization for Triathlon Canada (the National Sport Organization). All Saskatchewan triathlon/multisport clubs (including RMC) and their members are the key "customers" for Triathlon Saskatchewan.


You do not need to be a Triathlon Saskatchewan member to be an RMC member, but you do need to be a Triathlon Saskatchewan member to participate in those events that will involve multisport training and racing. At a minimum, an event-day Triathlon Saskatchewan membership is required at all race events to provide insurance for the participants and race organizers. A more comprehensive option is having an full-year Triathlon Saskatchewan membership - which provides members with insurance at all training (formal and informal) as well as covering the Triathlon Saskatchewan member requirements at all race events (replacing the event-day membership).


Triathlon Saskatchewan is also the sanctioning body for the club's multisport training and race events in the province (to ensure safe events), funding partner for the club (for equipment, race events, and other activities), funding partner for individuals (age group national qualifiers and youth national racers), provider of programs for age group participation, competitive development, and coach development, and provider of officials for race events. Triathlon Saskatchewan is also the members’ representative at the Triathlon Canada level, and to the International Triathlon Union above that.


To sign up for your membership click here.

Board of Directors

President - Jen Masur

Vice-President - Jaimie Mimbs

Secretary - Maria Rupcich

Treasurer - Mike Beal

Communications Director - Sheri Wild

Facilities Director - Terri Clark

Volunteer Director - Ericka Keranen

Members-at-Large - Lyle Stecyk

Members-at-Large - Krystle Ruzicka

Director-at-Large - Chris Humphries

RMC Constitution/Bylaws

RMC AGM Minutes

Strategic Plan

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