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KOS Icebreaker Bike Check & Walkthrough

On May 5, 2018 there will be a pre-race orientation and bike check held at the University of Regina.The location will be outside on the east side of the Kinesiology building (where the pool and two gyms are).


• The prime purpose of the bike inspection is to make sure the bike and helmet are ready and safe for race day. After all, how disappointing would it be for you and your child to turn up on race day and find out there’s a problem and your youth can’t race?

• The inspection time and interaction with Western Cycle is NOT to be used to fix any mechanical issues with the bike. These sponsors are very generously donating their equipment and staff to inspect the bikes, and cannot be expected to handle repairs on site. If there are repairs needed, you need to ensure that these are taken care of prior to entering transition on race day.

• If you want to avoid the lineup and time taken to wait for the bike inspection on May 5th, or you have concerns that repairs are needed for the bikes or helmet may need replacement, you have the option of visiting Western Cycle during the week prior to the race. BUT, please note that their shop will be doing normal business and it may take a while for them to get to you with that option. You should not expect to have priority over the other customers, services, and tasks in their shop.

• Once the bike and helmet have been inspected, each will have a sticker applied which will allow express entry into the transition area with your bike on the race day.

• If you can't make it for a bike/helmet inspection through one of the above options, the bike and helmet will need to be checked on race day prior to entering the transition. But do try and get the inspection done with one of the above option to avoid waiting in an inspection lineup right before the race, or perhaps have a significant enough issue discovered that would cause the bike to be not accepted for the race.


Here’s the agenda:

  • 7:30 am Bike Inspection. Western Cycle will be inspecting the kids’ bikes and helmets for rules compliance and safety – and you will receive a sticker for their bike and helmet to confirm it has been inspected. Get to the inspection on time since we're expecting there will be about 80 bikes to work through, and there will be no more inspected after 8:30 am. For your own reference to the formal Triathlon Canada bike rules for Kids of Steel races, see page 4 and 5 at:

  • 7:45 am First wave of course orientation starts. This will be a brief walkthrough of the pool area, transition setup, cycle course, and run course. It’s the opportunity for the kids (and parents) to get a preview of what they’ll be seeing on race day.

  • 8:30 am Bike Inspection closes. All very light-weight, all done in a limited time, and everything should be wrapped up by 9:00 am.



Contact Erin Kiefer

Race Director 2018

Campbell & Haliburton Kids of Steel Icebreaker Triathlon

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